PAYMENT: Payment must be made prior to the event unless other billing arrangements have been made in advance. Hioch, Hole-In-One Coverage accepts checks and credit cards.

CONFIRMATION/INVOICE: The CERTIFICATE of COVERAGE will be sent via fax or email.

PRIZE SPONSOR: Individual(s) or entity conducting the hole-in-one contest. The PRIZE SPONSOR agrees to comply fully with all terms and conditions as detailed in this HOLE-IN-ONE AGREEMENT. The PRIZE SPONSOR must distribute copies of this AGREEMENT and the CERTIFICATE of COVERAGE to the tournament committee and golf course personnel.

PRIZE(S): The stated PRIZE(S) will be awarded in the event a hole-in-one is scored during the named TOURNAMENT by an eligible contestant. HIOCH,Hole-In-One Coverage reserves the right to negotiate cash settlements with PRIZE winners or otherwise mitigate its damages.

TARGET/BONUS HOLE: The TARGET/BONUS HOLE must be a par three hole on a regulation golf course. Constructed holes, temporary greens or modified par fours and par fives are not eligible unless so approved by HIOCH in writing prior to the TOURNAMENT. Only one pre-designated cup may be used at the TARGET/BONUS HOLE(S). All pins and cups must conform to USGA standards and specifications.

WITNESSES: WITNESS(ES): It is the sole responsibility of the PRIZE SPONSOR to provide one (1) non-playing adult WITNESS, age 18 or older, whose only purpose is to supervise the TARGET HOLE if the PRIZE value is greater than $10,000 and less than, or equal to, $40,000. Two (2) non-playing WITNESSES are required if the PRIZE value is greater than $40,000. The WITNESS(ES), must be in position to see both the teeing area and the base of the pin. Under no circumstances is/are the WITNESS(ES) to be embedded with an individual playing group. Elevated TARGET HOLES must have a non-playing Witness stationed at the green regardless of prize value. Failure to provide WITNESS(ES) as required, will immediately render our contract null and void. WITNESS(ES) are not required on BONUS HOLES or TARGET HOLES with PRIZE values $10,000 or less. However, we do ask that each playing group wave the next group up to all par three holes. This will provide additional WITNESS(ES) should a hole in one occur.

YARDAGE: United States Golf Assn. (USGA) permanent YARDAGE markers will be considered official YARDAGE at each TARGET/BONUS HOLE for rating purposes. TOURNAMENT tee blocks are not to be moved closer to the TARGET/BONUS HOLE than the permanent YARDAGE markers. Neither TARGET HOLE nor BONUS HOLE YARDAGES are to be less than indicated on the CERTIFICATE of COVERAGE.

ATTEMPTS: An ATTEMPT is defined as a “stroke” by the USGA. Only one ATTEMPT per player per TARGET/BONUS HOLE is permitted unless confirmed in writing by HIOCH prior to the event. No practice ATTEMPTS, “Mulligans” or substituted ATTEMPTS for other players are permitted. The number of ATTEMPTS can be adjusted up to the date of the event. No adjustments are permitted after the date of the event.

ELIGIBILITY: A hole-in-one (Ace) must be scored by an officially registered TOURNAMENT contestant.

MULTIPLE HOLES-IN-ONE: In the event multiple holes-in-one should occur, HIOCH,Hole-In-One Coverage  agrees to award each hole-in-one PRIZE, without limit. This provision applies to amateur events only, professional events and professional golfers participating in amateur events are limited to one prize only.

CLAIMS: In the event of a winner, HIOCH, Hole-In-One Coverage must be notified no later than the next business day after the TOURNAMENT. The PRIZE SPONSOR agrees to provide HIOCH,Hole-In-One Coverage  with appropriate documentation as may be requested and cooperate fully during the investigation. A copy of the signed and attested scorecard recording the hole-in-one will be required.

WEATHER: In the event a TOURNAMENT is cancelled due to weather, HIOCH,Hole-In-One Coverage  agrees to refund all fees (except tee sign expenses) or change the TOURNAMENT to another date without charge or penalty. HIOCH,Hole-In-One Coverage  must be notified via phone, fax or email the next business day after the event. In the event a tournament is cancelled because of weather after play has begun, the fee will be considered earned if 10% or more of the field has played a TARGET HOLE.